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@evillilgirl318 is giving us the Jim Henson tour.. scouting out where she works : >

Sometimes  I get really, really lost.. but I always end up enjoying myself.

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Title: This Is a Trick Artist: Crosses (†††) 10 plays

Some†hing’s changed in your face I no†ice

A differen† sparkle in †hose crazy eyes
Your unmis†akable charade I know it
Always †ricks me every †ime.

A million †ears, a †rillion †imes
I’ve seen that glaze and gli†ch in your eyes.

†his is a †rick
Hello, hello, I know
What †his really is
I know hello, hello, hello

What’s the ma††er with the †ransformation?
What you’ve been prac†icing for days and nigh†s.
While I’m wa†ching the crea†ion of †his
awful crea†ure †ha† no one likes.

A million †ears, a †rillion †imes
I’ve seen that glaze and gli†ch in your eyes.

†his is a †rick
Hello, hello, I know
Wha† †his really is
I know hello, hello
†his is a †rick
Hello, hello, I know
What †his really is
I know hello, hello.

I’m so excited I can hardly †ake it.

†his is a †rick
Hello, hello, I know
What i† really is
I know hello, hello,

It’s jus† a †rick
Hello, hello, I know
Wha† i† really is
I know hello, hello


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††† (Crosses) - The Epilogue

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Last night was amazing. Today I woke up glowing.

Mmmm…. Got to touch Chino. His voice is as sexy live as in his songs. <3 Oh yes. That was extremely enjoyable.


“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” 
― Oscar Wilde
Holding Focus…
“Lord of the Gates of Matter. Ayin, “the Eye.” A meditation between higher consciousness and the thinking mind. Thoughts of separation are the illusion… and the divine.”
27 Days remain, 78 Cards in our Tarot Journey

I’m here stuck on the magick of the word Ayn, “the Eye” and so the influence of this card in what appears to be the thing we “can’t stand,” “hate,” or look down about, which is in fact not. These are the demons we create, this is the higher will teaching through the clouded eye. Remember we teach the immature through song, game, dance, and applause, consider shadow puppets as your deepest self communicating to your most irrational, volatile, elemental, and  so immature, self.  
The bigger picture. The “truth” as it can be demonstrated, not as it appears. Seeking depth, especially when we make someone a 2-dimensional shadow being from our inner world. Look for your fear-reaction, your knee-jerk response, look for your finger or mind when it points and accuses. You are  pointing at yourself. 
What we take a face value. Tag words. Consider ANYONE who wants to make ANYONE a demon. Do not point… no, let out a laugh and walk away and do not consider their advice. You need the bigger picture, not the frame they are selling you, it is limiting your vision. 
The empty space revealed. Playful laughter. Image: President Barak Obama and Speaker John Boehner tickling one another to the point of squealing tears in a field of yellow dandelions. Behind every screaming face is child with a mother; a child who has suffered; All beings are deserving of compassion, do not create demons. 

Date: December 4, 2013
Cards: The Devil
Deck: The Hermetic Tarot
Number: 6 -  Lesson this week has been about finding Harmony. Today is a 6 day, use the Venusian influence to bring that beauty about. 

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I have thought about calling you many times before.

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Sharpen up my claws, good sir.

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He spawned from here…

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A legit Gutenberg bible in vellum… the graphic designer in me swoons with delight! Back to the days of sleep drunk “Who is Geoffroy Tory?”

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